“Cris is a great teacher because she is always trying to learn and improve herself not only as a teacher but as human being. I love that about her”
(Gisele Bunchen top model)

“When I come to Costa Rica,the highlight of my stay there is the private yoga classes I take with Cris.She brings a perfectly woven balance of yoga technique, pranayama, meditation and Vedic philosophy to her classes. Her touch is both physically and spiritually healing. Her knowledge and personal perfection of yoga is conveyed in a very genuine and playful practice in her classes. She cars deeply about guiding her students towards greater excellence in yogic teachings and her gift in this manner is highly intuitive coupled with a deep wisdom of yoga practice and philosophy”
(Ric scalzo, president  & founder of Gaia herbs.)

“Kalyani is not only a treasured friend she is a very important teacher in my life. She embodies a deeply-rooted understanding of spirituality and she weaves the philosophies of Yoga and Tantra into the fabric of her daily life. She is indeed a conduit, not only for unconditional love to flow through, but for actual transmissions from our Higher Self and Spirit Guides through her work with QHHT. I have been a firsthand witness to how she has helped others make significant breakthroughs in their lives on our Goddess Awakening Retreats. She is a bright beacon of positivity and inspiration for all those who are lucky enough to be in her company. I am truly honored and eternally grateful for her presence in my life.”

Bill Tipper, World renowned yoga photographer and author of THE NATURE OF YOGA, Meditations On Love, Beauty & Truth.